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Acies International - Bodyguard

Worldwide security solutions 

Bespoke protection services for high-end private, corporate and government clients.

Security solutions for safety and success 

Acies International provides a wide range of bespoke security & protective services. Providing security solutions to high-end private, corporate and government clients around the world, we enable them to concentrate on their core business, spend more time with their family, increase productivity, reduce overhead costs and offer peace of mind. 
We are one of the leading companies on the Dutch market and since 2013 we have been implementing our security services and protective solutions around the world to answer to the demand of our international clients. 

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Protect what is vulnerable

The most important things are also the most vulnerable. Your life, family, friends, wealth, work and everything you have reached with endless dedication, they are invaluable but also vulnerable. 

Today's world sees the downfall of a lot of certainties from the past. Terrorism and criminality seem to be on a collision course with civilisation. Unfortunately the level of criminality causes police and law enforcement systems to be unable to completely or even adequately protect civilians and their possessions.

The serious protection of life and possession has more and more become a task for the private security industry. 

We enabled hundreds of private, corporate and government clients to excel in their professional and private lives by protecting what they value.

Acies International - About Us

About Acies International

We provide our services to international clients since 2013.
Though relatively a young company, we use the decades of experience of our operators to provide our clients with the efficiency and quality they need.

Honest advice and efficiency are our priority and main focus. When services are not necessary or bring no value to you, we will be absolutely clear with this. 

We will never advise or provide services that are of no use to you !

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"They did everything to put me at ease, answer my questions and to be as least intrusive as possible while providing the ultimate protection. Highly skilled, intelligent, well-spoken and flexible. Thank you, looking forward to our paths crossing again under lighter circumstances."

-Lady S. VVIP

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Protecting what you value

Our clients come from all around the world. We provide our services where needed. We have no limits. We do not believe in boundaries when it comes to the protection of our clients.

  • High quality & efficiency
  • Ultra high client satisfaction
  • 100% success rate
  • Sophisticated & intelligent professionals
  • 100% commitment to your protection
  • Worldwide 24/7 services

What clients say about Acies International

*We don't use names of our clients for privacy and protection reasons.

Acies International - Quote

Visiting Istanbul for business

"We needed bodyguards for our trip to Istanbul. The contact went very smooth and all was taken care of very punctually."

-A. Wiegmann, Boardmember from Germany

Acies International - Quote

Government negotiation trip, Dubai

"Extremely professional team and great people. Well trained and very punctual. Keep forward and God speed!" 

-Saudi VVIP

Acies International - Quote

Visiting Paris

“I needed bodyguards protecting me in Paris. I had a last-minute appointment and needed two female bodyguards speaking French and English. Everything, plus a lot of extra services and care, was taken care of in no time. Next time I need bodyguards I will, without any doubt, contact Acies International.”

-Female Chinese CEO

Acies International - Quote

Travelling in Africa

"I really felt comfortable with the Acies people with me. To me, most important was to be safe but to be able to live normally too, and that is what you took care of. Thank you !"

-Ella, from Boston, USA

Acies International - How we work
Acies International - Bodyguard

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