We have our terms and conditions to protect you, our respected client, and ourselves. Also this is to maintain the high quality we strive to provide at any given time, around the world.

To list the complete T&C here would be impossible as some parts of it differ from task to task and when clients have different demands.

The starting point is however:

  • Clients, are our Kings. We will do everything to provide you with the most efficient protection and highest sophistication.
  • Service, our obsession to unburden our clients.
  • Protection, providing you a safe environment to live and work.
  • Integrity, providing efficiency and advising only that what is really needed. No shortcuts, no fairytales and no fine print… Only transparency.
  • Expectation, we provide mature professionals whith extended worldwide experience. Our men and women have this very down to earth mindset that is needed to provide you what is really needed.


In a nutshell, we do our best to provide you with the right solutions. Our core business is creating a safe environment where you can enjoy the good things of life and where you can be free to express yourself, develop your passion and excell in your profession.

Please, feel free to contact us and ask how we can help you supporting this.

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