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To provide efficient and high quality security solutions, we are very intense about recruiting the right people for the job.


If you are willing to be more than average, commit yourself to a demanding but very special task and team, contact us, but please read the following very carefully first.

To be able to provide our clients with services and professionals of the highest quality, we need to be very strict with our demands. Below mentioned requirements are the absolute minimum and not negotiable.


1) Background, at least one of the following:


  • Dutch regular military  (with at least two overseas conflict zone deployments).
  • Dutch Special forces 
  • Dutch Police (CP, intervention, observation or other specialised tasks).
  • Dutch Government Intelligence services.


2) Skillset, all the following combined:


  • CPO training, government or privately educated. Level III CPO is the minimum required for all positions (SVPB/MBO2Bev-PB or internationally recognised courses).
  • Medical training. At least EHBO/FPOS or similar, preferable MIRA/HE-medical/trauma/emergency.
  • Firearms qualification or experience (see background).
  • Specialisation like security driver, medic, teamleader, observation specialist etc.
  • Multilingual, our people are able to speak and write English fluently and speak at least two other languages(of which one at least includes Dutch, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian or Mandarin Chinese).


3) Administrative:


  • European passport.
  • European driver’s license.
  • Immaculate criminal record.
  • Discharge papers of your former government service.
  • References of former employments.


4) Mindset, attitude and personality:


  • High level of action intelligence.
  • Can do, will do and max-flex mindset.
  • Mature and self-reliant.
  • Professional and efficient teamplayer.
  • Down to earth.
  • Analytic.
  • High sense of moral and ethical behaviour, etiquette and social standards.


Please, let us be clear, these requirements are the very basic. The task asks for a lot more than just the hard skills as required.

If you meet the requirements and think you are the man or woman who also meets the qualities needed for this responsible task, do not hesitate to contact us.

Please send your cv (with at the minium the above mentioned requirements on it) and motivation to:

We only respond to job enquiries sent to our careers department by mail. Enquiries sent to us through any other channel or those that fail to meet the basic requirements will not be answered.

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