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Efficient and high quality security solutions is what Acies International stands for, therefore we demand the highest quality from the entire Acies International team.


To be able to provide our clients with the best services, we are looking for men and women with:

  • A background as described under 1.
  • A very specific skillset as described under 2.
  • The right attitude as described under 3.
  • An immaculate criminal record


1) The right background is at least one the following or a combination:


–  Regular military, with multiple deployments to conflict areas
–  Military police
–  Intervention units
–  Special forces
–  Police
–  Political or social analysis
–  Internationally operating NGO’s in certain occupations (medical, logistical, management)
–  Intelligence services
–  Private security in close protection, MSO and/or HECPO role
–  Private investigations


2) The right skillset is having the following:


–  CPO training, government or privately educated. SIA Level CPO is the minimum required (for all staff)
–  Medical training
–  Firearms qualification
–  Driver’s license (professional security driver’s training is a big advantage)
–  Good interpersonal skills
–  Good in English, spoken and written (preferable multilingual)
–  Able to work with people from different cultures
–  Feeling comfortable when deployed worldwide under sometimes difficult circumstances
–  Specialization training like security driver, medic, covert surveillance etc is a big pro


3) The attitude we think is necessary for this demanding job:


–  Can do and will do
–  Mature
–  Self-reliant
–  Professional
–  Incorruptible
–  Down to earth
–  Teamplayer
–  Analytic
–  Flexible

If your cv meets our requirements and you think you have what it takes, please contact us on careers@aciesinternational.com

We will not answer career inquiries that do not match the very basic requirements as stated above.

We will not answer career inquiries that are not sent via careers@aciesinternational.com , please understand that all other mail-addresses and telephone numbers are for client inquiries only.

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