Our clients are Royals, political leaders, the rich and famous, diplomats, expats and much more, we consider all our clients VVIPs, Very Very Important Persons. This is the reason that we only provide services and professionals of the highest class and with the highest level of training.

To maintain this level of professionalism we will only provide you with the best you can and may expect from us, we will not outsource services to cheaper third parties to cut costs.

We believe that making compromises in quality is unthinkable, it leads to failure.


Our rates depend on your specific needs, wishes and the next information:

  • Location, the risk-level of the country or area.
  • Status, (political, wealth, etcetera) This is the level the person to be protected is likely to attract harm.
  • Situation, do we have an actual threat or is it just in case, the needs and wishes of the client, history of the client, etcetera


Of course we will also take in account the hours per day and the complete duration of the requested services to make you a fair offer.


Acies International World Risk Map 2018


World Risk map Acies international




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