Wie zijn wij

From the very first years of the millennium there has been an increasing demand for highly trained people with knowledge and extended experience in the field of protecting others and their assets.
To meet this demand we, all former military and police professionals, decided to combine our strenght and experience. We started as a group working worldwide focusing primarily on protecting people as bodyguards and giving individuals and companies advice and consultancy.

From the first day we wanted to provide quality and efficiency only. We were often adviced that we focused too much on what we delivered ( high quality and efficient services ) and not enough on being profitible. In other words, some people tried talking us into lowering our standards in order to make easier profits.
Because this is not the way we think  we continued offering the quality and efficiency we, as professionals, expect from ourselves and what we believe our clients may expect.

Fact is, that exactly this is what makes us the company we are right know. We kept our focus on our clients with their needs and wishes.
There will always be a marked for lower quality and thus lower cost services but our formula has proven itselfs and gave us an extraordinary high rate of clients being very satisfied  and returning to us.
From the very start we always kept focusing on maintaining and even improving the quality of our services.

Through the years we expanded with new divisions covering high levels of Asset Protection but also providing Training and Courses to answer to the rising demand of shared knowhow and experience.

Acies International is now operating in more than 40 countries on all continents keeping you, your family and your assets safe in an unsafe world.

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