Bodyguard services in Paris


Paris is a beautiful city but it is well known for its criminality and social unrest these days. Acies International provides bodyguard services to clients from all over the world to make their trip to Paris an unforgetable and succesful one.

Whether for business or leisure, bodyguards and a wide range of related services, will make your stay what you want it to be, without having to worry about people wanting to hurt you.

International clients hire bodyguards in Paris to:

  • Enjoy their business or leisure trip without to worry for criminality and terrorism
  • Have protected travel with bodyguards and security drivers
  • Have a reliable partner for their security who knows the ins and outs of Paris

Our bodyguards in Paris

Our people have extensive experience with protecting people in Paris. They are familiar with the dangers and know exactly which areas are te be avoided after dark.

Bodyguards in Paris can operate fully visible and recognizable or totally under the radar to keep unwanted attention to a minimum.

protected Royal families, politicians, celebrities and people from different cultures all over the world.

Our bodyguards are without exception:

  • Experienced and mature professionals
  • Intelligent and sophisticated men and women
  • Representative
  • Helpful in all situations, not only when security related
  • Flexible, we are willing and able to adapt to all changes of plan you can come up with
  • Highest standards of training and experience


Optional services

We provide our clients in Paris with lots of extra services. Just an example of some options:

  • Residence security, safeguarding your house or appartment
  • Security drivers for all transport, also for bringing your children to school
  • Luxurious transport
  • Guided tours
  • Assistance in finding your way and bookings

To speak directely with one of our consultans call our hotline: 0031610262319

Pricing Calculator

We secure businesses and individuals worldwide. Contact us for a discreet appraisal of your needs.

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