Worldwide bodyguard services

The safety of your family and the profits of your work are the most important things in your life. Crime and terrorism can completely ruin everything that you care for.

We provide bodyguard services to private, corporate and government clients. Our advisors and protection specialists have prevented harm and provided comforting safety for hundreds of extremely satisfied clients.


Acies international - Hire bodyquard services

Our real value to you:

  • Safety for your family
  • Higher business profits
  • Less stress because safety unburdens
  • Extreme high value for money
  • High quality and high efficiency
  • 98% client satisfaction (!)

There should be no reason for not contacting us because we care and are always willing to help or give advice. In a lot of cases just a little free advice and some suggestions made all the difference.

Perfection in protection

Would you go for less than perfection when protecting your family, your life and your valuables ?

Of course you wouldn’t ! There can be no compromise in quality because there are no second chances. Only the best is good enough to protect what you value most. 

Hundreds of clients agreed with this and were able to focus on what really mattered because they knew it was efficiently protected by our professionals.

Our bodyguard services

For hundreds of exclusive clients, our bodyguard services and security consultants really made the diference.

  • Royal families
  • Politicians, Diplomats and NGOs
  • Celebrities
  • VVIP and (U)HNWI
  • Multinationals
  • Businessmen
  • Expats working in high risk areas

Learn more about us or see our FAQ page for more information.


What is a bodyguard ?

A bodyguard is not someone who just stands within an arm’s reach from a client waiting for something to happen. Being reactive only is not effcient because we want to be steps ahead of any attacker. 
Close protection (bodyguard services) is a complete system of planning, observation, protocol and improvisation. 

A team of bodyguards will go through great lengths to keep you safe. They will create a safe environment around you and all you want to protect. The biggest part of the task is prevention because we don’t want to give attackers any opportunity to harm you.


Why choose Acies International

People choose for a product because of two things; the effect it has and the affordability.

When serious protection is needed, the decision is based on exactly the same. ‘Am I going to be safe (so I can do the things I want) and is it fairly priced ?’  

The reason we have a very high number of satisfied clients is because, with us, the answer on both is yes.

We provide bespoke bodyguard services. Our team consists of dedicated and very experienced professionals who have successfully protected the exclusive elite of the planet. This absolute quality comes at a price, but without a doubt an affordable one. 
The value for money we provide, is second to none.


Free risk analysis

We like to keep things clear. We will not charge you anything when we have not agreed yet of any services and we will not advise you any security measures when in fact it wouldn’t be necessary.

Integrity starts with mutual trust and therefore we start with giving very transparent advice after doing our research for you.


Bodyquard Pricing Request

We protect worldwide. Contact us for non-obligational advice.

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