Worldwide bodyguard services


We provide worldwide bodyguard services to protect our clients, their families and their employees.

The risk of being a victim of crime or terrorism (with whatever motive) can completely ruin everything that you care for. The safety of your family and the profits of your work are the most essential elements of quality of life.

Through nearly a decade of providing our services to private, corporate and government clients, our advisors and protection specialists have prevented harm and provided comforting safety for hundreds of extremely satisfied clients.


Bodyguard services as a means to perfectly safe business

Our bodyguards protect:

  • Royal families
  • Politicians
  • Diplomats
  • Celebrities
  • (U)HNWI
  • NGO’s 
  • Multinationals
  • Expats
  • Individuals needing protection

Our bodyguards 

Our bodyguards are trained to the highest standards and are very experienced in protecting people all over the world in a wide variety of situations, from moderate to extremely high risk.

Close Protection Officers (bodyguards) can work visible and completely undetectable (covert) to avoid any unwanted attention. More about us

What is a bodyguard ?

In contrast to what most people think, a bodyguard isn’t just a guy who is only able to fight off an attacker. 

Close protection (bodyguard services) is an implemented system of measures, protocol, improvisation and experienced bodyguards. 

Serious bodyguards are sophisticated and educated protection specialists. They are mature and self-reliant professionals.
The biggest part of their task is to prevent harm.

They shape the environment to minimalise any chance for attackers while in the meantime you can live your life as you are used to. But when anything happens, they will do anything possible to keep you safe.

“Shaping the environment to minimalise opportunity for attack” 

Our value to you

Security is not a final objective, it is the way to protect and ensure your true goals.

Our clients highly value our services and our people. Commonly mentioned are:

  • Efficient and high quality services
  • Great value for money
  • 97% client satisfaction
  • Serious military and police backgrounds
  • 100% commitment to your protection
  • The sophisticated appearance of our agents and their overall professionalism

Our true value to you is that we enable you to live your life and do your work as you want, so without having to worry about people who want to harm you. 

Our people will make your life, work and travel safe and easy so you can focus on your main goal.




Perfection in Protection

When your life, loved ones and valuables, your most precious possessions, are threatened, you want to protect them. There can be no compromise in quality as there are no second chances.

Wouldn’t you agree that for the protection of what is most important to you, only the best is good enough ?

Hundreds of clients agreed with this and were able to focus on what really mattered to them, knowing that all they valued was efficiently protected by our professionals.

There is never a reason for not contacting us to see how we can help or give advice. Advice is free and in a lot of cases our advice brought relief to people.

Free risk analysis

We like to keep things clear. We will not charge you anything when we have not agreed yet of any services and we will not advise you any security measures when in fact it wouldn’t be necessary.

Integrity starts with mutual trust and therefore we start with giving very transparent advice after doing our research for you.


Bodyquard Pricing Calculator

We protect worldwide. Contact us for non-obligational advice.

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