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Visiting Amsterdam for political matters, business or leisure can be an amazing experience in itself.  Personal protection specialists can be the difference between a trip ending in disaster or a trip with the great results you expected.

Our bodyguard services in Amsterdam, the Dutch cities and rural areas are aimed at providing efficient protection but also in guiding and assisting with all matters that you might encounter when visiting the Netherlands.


Why our protection in Amsterdam

  • Multilingual bodyguards and consultants  All speak fluently Dutch and English and usually German, French and Spanish.  Russian, Arabic and Chinese on demand.
  • Dutch natives  They know their way around, are able to guide and assist in all circumstances.
  • High standards through extended operational experience  All officers are mature and comitted former police and military specialists.
  • High standards and  sophistication  Well-educated and sophisticated men and women able to assist and protect you in all situations and different levels of society.

Bodyguard services Amsterdam

Amsterdam and the Netherlands, like most European cities and countries, have changed. The typical friendly and open minded Dutch atmosphere and down to earth mindset are becoming endangered qualities.

  • Street criminality:  Pickpockets and brutal robbers operating on scooters, but also no-go zones to citizens and even emergency services and police.
  • Serious criminality: Shootouts between rampant criminal gangs causing injury and death to random bystanders.
  • Terrorism:  Also the Netherlands already has its fair share of terrorist attacks. Politicians, artists and civilians (Dutch and from abroad) have been victims of barbarous and cowardly attacks.

Above mentioned is still only the risk of today’s societies.
Your occupation, wealth, faith, business, race and political action may, according to criminals and terrorists, be a just cause to aim their actions directly at you.

Extra services. Safety and comfort

We provide our clients with a wide range of extra services. Security related services are provided by our staff and trusted partners.
Services that are less security related are provided by hand-picked companies with the best credentials and results.

  • Luxury cars
  • Armoured cars
  • Chauffeur services
  • Personal assistant services
  • Guides
  • Trained and experienced medics

Protection for travel, business and leisure

Our consultants and executive protection officers (bodyguards) have protected and advised clients from all over the world visiting the Netherlands, providing them safety, freedom of living space and the comfortable feeling of safe travel, business and leisure.

Our efficient services are provided by experienced and sophisticated professionals.
Our clients highly rate our efficiency but also our appearance. Style, meaning maintaining etiquette and dresscodes, and the natural abillity to blend in in all levels of society are important parts of our services.

From Royalty and politicians to businessmen and celebrities, our dedicated professionals have protected clients fully open and visible but also completely invisible and unnoticed by the public to avoid unwanted attraction.

Changing services, no problem!

Changing duration, locations and type of provided services is very common.  We understand that, during your trip or work, a lot may change so we are always able to adapt to your changing wishes and needs.

  • Extra bodyguards or advisors
  • Cars, luxury or armoured
  • Security measures
  • Extending duration of services
  • Changing locations

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We protect worldwide. Contact us for non-obligational advice.

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