Luxury Bodyguard Services

Acies International continues to be one of the leading companies in Luxury Bodyguard ServicesAll our bodyguards or Close Protection Officers are from Western Europe, protecting clients in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Afica.

To hire bodyguards for protection and security, we offer high quality bodyguard services around the globe.

Our bodyguards protect:

  • Royals
  • VIPs
  • Bussinessman/woman
  • Politicians
  • Diplomats
  • Celebrities
  • (U)HNWI
  • Multinationals

Our bodyguards 

The bodyguards we provide our clients with are very skilled, have extensive experience with protecting people around the world in every imaginable situation.

Our bodyguards are capable of operating completely visible and smartly dressed but also totally invisible and under the radar in order to avoid detection and drawing unwanted attention to you.

Reasons to hire a bodyguard

Going on a business or leisure trip can be a reason to hire professional bodyguards (Close Protection Officers).

As every problem has its cause, it also has its specific solution. Therefore we provide protective solutions tailored to your wishes and needs.

Whether you are a member of a Royal family, politicaly active in a high-risk country or have a actual situation that threatens the comfort of your daily life, we provide luxury bodyguard and security assistance services.

Wouldn’t you agree that for the protection of what is most important to you, only the best is good enough?

Perfection in Protection

When your life, loved ones and valuables, your most precious possessions, are threatened, you want to protect them. There can be no compromise in quality as there are no second chances.

Hundreds of clients agreed with this and were able to focus on what really mattered to them, knowing that all they valued was efficiently protected by our professionals.

There is never a reason for not contacting us to see how we can help or give advice. Advice is free and in a lot of cases our advice brought relief to people.

Acies International provides the knowledge, assessment and trained Security Operators necessary to create an environment where people can do their work with the threat brought back to the minimum possible.

Our goal is always to keep the impact of the Security Operations on our clients and their work as low as possible, giving companies and their personell the ability to focus on the job and less on the, sometimes, hostile situations.

To speak directly with our consultants call: 0031610262319

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