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To prevent harm and to protect their safety and interest we provide close protection teams to Royal families, government officials and (U)HNWI worldwide. To protect this exclusive group we have a specialised division within our company, consisting of the most experienced men and women.

Bodyguard teams are small units specialised in providing a complete package of personal protection which includes physical protection, implementation of preventional measures and detailed advisory.


Why Hire Acies?

  • Very easy to hire us
  • Smart and good looking bodyguards
  • All European nationality
  • 100% client satisfaction
  • Located in Thailand
  • Years of Experience
  • Bodyguards who are also your personal assistant “100% client satisfaction“

Why bodyguard teams

Your occupation, wealth or status can make you a high value target for criminals or terrorists.

To prevent them from hurting you, your family and your valuables, we provide specialised bodyguard teams.
These personal protection teams are able to deploy worldwide and in all imaginable roles, from static in your home or worklocation to very dynamic, travelling with you to locations worldwide, providing security when on the move and on location.

Bodyguard teams provide:

  • Assistance in security and non-security related matters.
  • Physical protection when any danger may occur.
  • Preventive protocol and measures. A complete system, tailored and designed for the specific situation.
  • Ongoing advisory to maintain a secured environment around you and all that you value.
  • Research & intelligence gathering to be able to adapt to the situation and keep you safe.

What is a bodyguard team ?

A bodyguard team is a specialised personal protection team of three or more experienced, professional close protection officers.

The goal of a team is not only to provide more strength just by adding more people. The essence really is force multiplying by combining different specialisms.

Bodyguard teams (may) consist of:

  • Teamleader (always), the one who liaises with our clients or personal assistants and manages the team.
  • Actual bodyguard (always), the agent who is the actual protector and stays as close to the to be protected person as needed and desired at all times.
  • Medic, a highly skilled life saver who also keeps the medic skills of the other teammembers up to date.
  • Intelligence specialist, specialised in gathering information, researching locations and destinations, assessing security situations and implementing situational awareness in the team.

Above mentioned is the most common configuration of a team. Every teammember is, besides his or her specialization, a very experienced close protection officer.

Please feel free to contact us to see whether a bodyguard team can be a solution for you.


The bodyguards that protect Kings

Our bodyguards are handpicked professionals. They have extended experience protecting Royals, politicians and UHNWI within the private protection industry and have their backgrounds within specialised units in the military and police.

Our clients are always very satisfied with the fact that we only provide intelligent and sophisticated men and women. Our people look good and they dress good. They are familiar with etiquette and are able to blend in in any environment and social class.

See if Our staff  meets your requirements.

The Dutch approach to your benefit

The Dutch approach combines the Dutch down to earth mentality with a strong preference for perfection.

Again and again our clients emphasize their satisfaction with the way our people fulfill their task and behave. Always professional and providing very efficient protection but in the meanwhile very human and able to conversate at any level. Theatrical ‘military’ robot-like behaviour is not our way.

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  • 2Describe your request or situation
  • 3We will get back to you as soons as possible. We will give a free risk assessment and advice on the possibilities.

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