Information, the key to success

Without relevant information every project fails.

Setting up overseas business without decent information ? Needing protection but the threat is unknown ? Hiring new people but not quite sure about their backgrounds ?

Every project depends on information. Without it, success is very unlikely to achieve. Of course, a lot is available in open sources like the internet. But to get the right amount of detailed and relevant information, you need professionals. They know what to look for, where to find it and just as important, know how to transform gained intelligence into advice or usefull and applicable measures.

Investigation services

  • Private investigations (tax fraud, corporate theft, alimony, scam)
  • Tracking (missing persons, backgrounds)
  • Research & Intelligence
  • Covert protection & counter surveillance


Investigation services

We provide professional investigators to government organisations, enterprises and individuals who need information.

Common cases in which private investigators are used are:

  • Insurance fraud cases
  • Getting proof of scam 
  • Alimony related matters
  • Tax fraud 
  • Corporate theft
  • Background checking

The collected information needs to be detailed, relevant and 100% reliable because often it will be the decisive factor when the case is taken to court. 

We deploy experienced investigators with police backgrounds to get the best results for you. 


Tracking is the specific searching for people, their whereabouts, activities and personal information. This could be the search for missing persons, getting evidence in criminal cases and providing background checks of potential employees for companies. 

Very important is to realise that there has to be a legal ground for every investigative task that involves people and personal information. We provide professionals who work worldwide within privacy and data collection laws that differ from country to country.

Our investigators and trackers go through great lengths to get you all the information you need. Just contact us to see how we can help you. 

Research & Intelligence

Project safety and feasibility 
abroad & overseas

More and more individuals, companies and organisations seek for foreign soil to extend their trade.  Even when globalisation makes it easier to do so, there is a lot to know before starting. 
The basic questions can be found in open sources like the internet but the success of your mission might depend on a lot more factors. 

  • Is what I want to start legal ?
  • Is there any relevant infrastucture ?
  • How do local people view my business ?
  • What is the local economical situation ?
  • How safe is that specific region ?
  • What is the health level in this country ?
  • What is the feasibility of my project ?

You need reliable information to assess the feasibiliti of your mission. We provide professional researchers and information collectors to help you making the right decisions.


'Our bodyguard opens the door for our client'

Covert protection & Counter surveillance


Also in protective tasks, observation and surveillance could be vital elements for success. During close protection (bodyguard) operations, invisible agents who observe and profile possible threats and advice the protective team, are often used. 

Counter surveillance is the prevention and detection of being observed. The prevention is important to make you less vulnerable to attack. The detection is important because it gives the protective team the signals something is wrong. 

On the majority of our protective operations we have deployed observation & surveillance specialists, often giving our close protection teams the advantage they needed to succeed.

Bodyquard Pricing Request

We secure businesses and individuals worldwide. Contact us for a discreet appraisal of your needs.

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