Providing security without limits

Within the law and what is reasonable, everything is possible. We strive for a limitless approach in providing our services.

For situations that demand out of the box thinking and a custom approach.
Due to a wide variety of reasons, the standard approach to security issues may not be enough.

Abnormal situations diverge from the normal ones for instance when an extraordinary amount of people has to be protected, or when services have to be provided in poorly accessible regions or high-risk countries.


  • High-risk and poor infrastructure country operations
  • Longterm projects and protection of large amounts of VIPs
  • Protection of families with children
  • Protection of people with vulnerable positions
  • Cooperative projects with other security providers or government agencies
  • Special events


Special project examples


Celebrity protection

Whether political, in art, media or pop-culture, well known and famous people also attract unwanted attention and threats.

Due to their profession, keeping inside and hiding from the world is not an option. The fact that lots of people and sometimes complete industries depend on their public performance, makes their protection a classic example of services tailored to extraordinary needs and wishes. 


Press and Media protection

People internationally working for press and media travel to the most dangerous areas on the planet, often without any support or back-up from their own or local governments.

In these cases the provision of safety is just as often sharing knowledge, giving training and grow awareness, as it is providing physical protection.

We provide tailored informative trainingcourses and lectures for media personnel. The intent is to make people aware and self-reliant and the content consists of dos and don’ts, health and medical care, local political & social issue awareness and all that is necessary to work in the focus area.

Family protection

The protection of families, especially with children, asks for a specific operational approach.

A close protection team being in your life, probably in your house and going with you and your family all the time, takes some time to get used to. We have selected professionals female and male bodyguards and advisors for this task.

We have developed special educational programms for families and children needing protection to teach them awareness, self-defence and how to deal with living under threat and the stress it brings.


High risk protection

There are multiple reasons a protective task could be high risk:

  • The location being very dangerous or violent
  • The threat (the person making it or the promise) being very violent
  • The position and vulnerability of the client 
  • The extraordinary heavy impact of an attack or action 

For high risk protective and advisory tasks we have experienced specialists who have worked all over the world in high risk circumstances. 



Protection step by step


Information and a basic analysis of your situation are free. 



We will analyse your situation thoroughly.



With the analysis we are able to give you free, fair and non-obligational advice.



The confirmation of mutual understanding and acceptance on what to do next. What we advise or provide is very clear and transparent and never unnecessary.



When agreed upon, we start with the preparation of the mission. More research, reconnaissance, logistics, planning and getting the right equipment and people at the right place. Its all a part of being there for you when you need it.



The actual protective services being provided to you.


Free and 100% non-obligational information, advice and quotation !





The protection chain is a system where we combine gathered information, skill and customised protocol to be able to effectively protect you.
As situations often differ from each other, it is important to be able to customise services. For example; when children are involved, standard protocol changes to fit their needs. When we protect press in high risk regions, preventive measures like staying away from the danger may not work because they need to go where it all happens. 

Providing completely customised, tailor-made services is the art of our special projects division. Their creed is that within the law, anything is possible and they are happy to go into great lengths to find solutions for your protection. 



75% of protective work consists of prevention and therefore it is commonly the main focus of security operations. Prevention may consist of a wide variety of protocol and measures. But also the knowledge and skills that give you, your loved ones and personnel great advantages in order to be aware, prevent harm yourself and be less dependent to others.

With reasonable preventive measures and mindset, the biggest part of any threat is already neutralised.


Research & Special Reconnaissance

“Information is power !” 


Before a protective operation is launched, we do our preparational homework thoroughly. We need to know what is happening and what can happen so we know what to do. Also, before companies start up a division abroad or start new challenges in unknown regions, they will want to know what is happening there and what risk they may encounter.

Our research and reconnaissance specialists have the very specific knowledge and skills to travel all over the planet to get the information you need. They are experienced intelligence gatherers who have worked for governments and multinationals gaining the information needed to execute their projects.


Advice & Consultancy

Every operation starts with research which leads to advice before action is agreed upon. Also during or after provided services there is often a big demand for advice. The development, continuation and finally the settlement of the process, but also the prognosis for the future and prevention of repeating situations ask for clear and honest advice.

Integrity is very important to you and to us. We advise only that what is necessary. 


Sharing knowledge

It is all about you. We want to protect what you value. We are good at this and we know what makes our effort more effective to you. We like to share our experience and skills with you because we know that your private and professional life will hugely profit from what we have to offer. 

Security and protection are not final objectives. They are means to reach and consolidate the final objectives in your life, to enjoy your life and wealth together with the ones you love. 

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We secure businesses and individuals worldwide. Contact us for a discreet appraisal of your needs.

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