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Please fill in the form below to calculate the price for our bodyquard services.

Country and City where services are required. Area's to travel to.

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1 bodyguards minumum

The chance of anything happening is low. When anything happens, the outcome is not expected to be seriously harming or fatal.

2 bodyguards minumum

An actual threat (aimed or random) exists. The outcome of an attack may cause serious harm or damage.

2 bodyguards minumum

The situation is severely threatening. High chance of an attack, random or aimed. The outcome could be seriously damaging or lethal.

A minimum of 2 bodyguards is required to provide efficient protection.

The total amount of days. A day is 6 - 12 hours.

We charge a minimum of 6 consecutive hours per day.

*Excluded expenses and possible taxes/VAT.
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Here you can fill in your personal details and specific wishes. We keep all information you send us completely confidential, we will never share any given details with third parties or anyone else.

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