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Acies International - Bodyguards

Our Mission

To provide our international clients with the highest quality security solutions so they are able to live and work in unburdened safety.

Our Foundation

Acies International was born to fill the need for quality security solutions for private, corporate and government clients around the world in 2012. The high standards of European military and police units, where our founders' backgrounds lie, are the standards that drive everything we do to this day. We have successfully provided tailor made security & protective services to clients in over 40 countries on 5 continents.

At Acies International we are constantly evolving with the requirements of today's clients, who are often the driving forces of this dynamical world. We support them on their international missions, enabling them to live, travel, and work in safety.

Acies International Global

Est. 2012

Constantly evolving in a dynamical world

Acies International Global

Global Reach

Services provided in over 40 countries on 5 continents

Acies International Global

100% Success Rate

Outstanding results and a strong base of satisfied clients

Acies International - About Us

Who Are Our People

As a leading Dutch global protection provider our security consultants and protection specialists keep royals, politicians, corporate clients and VVIP individuals safe around the world, 24/7, and under all circumstances. 

Our quality is our people. Our specialists are all European former police and military professionals with extended operational experience.
We have participated in a wide range of government and private security operations around the globe, where we have gained the mindset, skills and attitude that are necessary to provide our clients with the quality they deserve.

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"I would  like to express my appreciation to Acies for the bodyguard service they provided in Asia and Europe. I and my VIPs were impressed by the outstanding and professional service as well as the arrangement. Acies is always my choice."
-Nicole, Personal Assistant to CEO (Hong Kong)
Acies International - About Us Amsterdam

The Dutch Approach

In global trade, politics and military matters, the Dutch approach is a fact. It combines action intelligence with a humble and down to earth, objective way of dealing with a situation.

Our clients praise our high standards of professionalism and our operators' capability of having a decent conversation and this human touch that is so important in often stressful situations.

Our men and women have worked for governments and royal families. They are educated and sophisticated professionals with a mature mindset who know what is expected, in all environments and social layers. 

What People Say About Acies International

Acies International - Quote

"next time in Dubai, I want Acies again" 

- Mr Mohammed

Saudi government negotiations, Dubai

Acies International - Quote

"elegant and professional" 

- Mrs Z

Tibetan government delegation in Brussels

Acies International - Quote

"tremendous job done, I heard a lot of good voices about Acies"

- Bartosz Bryl, ESA

Managing Director at European Security Academy

Acies International - Quote

"the Dutch are great!" 

- Brandon V

US NGO manager in Istanbul