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About Acies International

About us and why clients come back to us

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Solution focused

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97% client satisfaction !!

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Dutch approach

Down to earth and no nonsense.

Acies International - About Us

Who we are

We are Acies International. We are a leading Dutch global protection provider.

Our security consultants and protection specialists keep royals, politicians, corporate clients and individuals safe around the world, 24/7, and under all circumstances.

We enable our clients to work and live in safety.

Our specialists are former police and military professionals with extended operational experience. We have participated in a wide range of government and private security operations around the globe, where we have gained the mindset, skills and attitude that are necessary to protect people and assets under all circumstances.

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"I would  like to express my appreciation to Acies for the bodyguard service they provided in Asia and Europe. I and my VIPs were impressed by the outstanding and professional service as well as the arrangement. Acies is always my choice."
-Nicole, Personal Assistant to CEO (Hong Kong)

Our history 

Our founders started in 2013 with the request from a globally operating enterprise planning an international development project.

They knew about our founders' experience with security operations in risky and challenging environments around the globe.
They wanted to be sure to have the right people to provide the security assessments and protection for the project.

The implementation of the tailored security program that was used for this specific project proved to be one of the important factors that made the project a success. 

"They wanted to be sure" 

It was the start of Acies International.

The successful achievement and the insight that serious security brings valuable benefit to projects, corporations and governmental organisations, led to the founding of Acies International.

Past and present 

From 2013 to this moment, we provided consultancy and protective services on 5 continents, 24/7, in all situations and under all circumstances to business people, politicians, royal families, NGO’s, government delegations and corporate clients.

The start was very successful but as a dynamical company in a quickly changing and developing world we know that we need to develop with it.

Security issues change and solutions need to change and improve to be efficient for present-day's challenges.

We do not see the ongoing development to improve our ways as a burden but as an opportunity. We have provided our clients high quality and efficiency, and that is what we will continue to do, because that is what they deserve. 

Acies International - About Us

Why clients choose us 

  • Worldwide, 24/7 and under all circumstances.
  • High quality and efficiency.
  • Always tailored to the situation.
  • Extremely high value for money.
  • Dedication that goes further than commitment only.
  • Approachable and sophisticated professionals

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The Dutch Approach

With global trade, politics and military matters, the Dutch approach is a fact.

The Dutch approach is a way of thinking and acting that combines action intelligence with a humble and down to earth, objective way of dealing with a situation.

Over and over again, our clients praise the fact that we provide our services with a very high standard of professionalism but in the meanwhile are very well capable of having a decent conversation and have this human touch that is so important to un-stress the situation and makes our clients feel comfortable.

Our people are well educated and sophisticated professionals with a mature mindset. We do not have aggressive types or adventurers looking for sensation, as some companies do. 

Our men and women have worked for governments and royal families. They know what is expected, in all environments and social layers. 

About us and what you value

Dear visitor,

Our men and women will be at your disposal at all times.

For any questions about our services, possibilities or solutions to your specific situation, you are welcome to contact us via the contact page or by telephone. Of course this is always non-obligational.

Please feel free to contact me personally if you would like to know what our people can do for you !

I truly hope for a safe environment for all of us, where we can live and love, express ourselves and fulfill our dreams without having to be afraid of those who want to take it away.

Be safe!

With the highest respect,

A.J. Rommel

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What clients say about Acies International

*We don't use full names of our clients for privacy and protection reasons. 
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Government negotiations trip to Dubai

"Next time in Dubai, I want Acies again"

-Mr Mohammed

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Tibetan Government delegation in Brussels

"Elegant and professional"

-Mrs Z

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Managing Director, ESA

"Tremendous job done, I heard a lot of good voices about Acies"

-Bartosz Bryl, European Security Academy

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US NGO manager in Istanbul

"The Dutch are great!"

-Brandon V

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