The noble art of not leaving anything to chance

You can summarise our mission in a single word. In even three letters: You. Everything we do is about your absolute security. The feeling that you can do whatever you want to do, unhindered and without any feeling of threat.

This feeling might be different for everyone. That is why every aspect of the security we offer is tailor-made to suit your needs.

About Acies International Protection

There is a reason why our name features the word “International”. Many of our activities are beyond boundaries. Literally and figuratively. Since being founded in 2012, we have changed the face of the personal security sector. Thanks to our refreshing outlook towards the profession, we have established an excellent reputation. Our strength: shifting from protection to certainty. The difference between being protected and feeling safe.

Our services

Acies International offers tailor-made security services. We mainly work with and for private, business and government clients. For over 10 years, we have been offering certainty and peace of mind on 5 continents and in over 40 countries.


To always have somebody close by to protect you may sound safe, but isn’t necessarily reassuring. After all, you will always be reminded that a potential risk could be just around the corner. We prefer to turn the tables. We identify all potentially unsafe possibilities and risks and adjust our security process accordingly. From start to finish. Knowledge is security. And we have this knowledge in abundance.

Our people. Always near but never too close

Our bodyguards will never be the customer's best friend. Even if you sometimes share intense moments, a customer will always remain a customer. A very safe feeling for every client, we presume. Because, first and foremost, our people are very well-trained professionals, with an instinct for security. In addition, they are also very social and likeable people. But the latter is not crucial, we think.

When a bodyguard and a customer get on well together, it improves for the working atmosphere. But a professional distance must always be maintained. The reason is simple: our job is to protect. To ensure security. We are not it the business of enjoying one another's company.

Acies International - About Us Amsterdam

The Dutch approach

As an international organisation, we have established networks in every important global hub. They feature professionals that offer exactly the right type of protection and advice that you need. Clear and straightforward. You might call it the Dutch way. Level-headed, steadfast, and always with a touch of humour. And we combine this with a touch of financial efficiency, without making concessions in your safety. Another good example of the Dutch approach

Visiting Paris

"I needed bodyguards protecting me in Paris. I had a last-minute apoointment and needed two female bodyguards speaking French and English. Everything plus a lot of extra services and care was taken care of in no time. Next time i need bodyguards I will, without any doubt, contact Acies International.
Female Chinese CEO
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No Boundaries When Protecting Your Goals

We help clients from all over the world. Our services are provided where needed. We do not believe in boundaries or limits when protecting our clients' lives, assets and goals.

  • Trusted reputation: we have a wide international base of satisfied clients.
  • Worldwide services: 24/7 under all circumstances.
  • Experienced company with diverse security aspects.
  • Bespoke services: no standard off-the-shelf solutions, but truly tailor made to your exact needs and wishes.
  • Sophistication: elite and educated professionals that fit into your environment.
  • Results: we proudly claim a 100% success rate.


Our professional team will analyze your situation and will be of service to you accordingly. Let us know any requests you may have, so that we may accommodate you. For more information or special wishes, please contact us so we can provide you with the best bodyguard services and close protection services possible.