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Worldwide security solutions, consultancy and protection services. 

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Exclusive services to protect what you value

Our security and protective services are highly appreciated by royal families, politicians, governments, corporations and private clients around the world.

We provide our clients a safe environment to live and work by providing high quality and efficient security solutions 24/7 under all circumstances.

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Bodyguard Services

The most important thing in life is a safe environment to live, work and be with your loved ones. People from all over the world hire bodyguards from Acies International to protect the most precious things in life.


Information is power. Specific information is needed about people, politics, infrastructure, healthcare and legal systems to be able to operate worldwide. Our highly experienced intelligence collectors will help you getting all the information you need.


Our consultants work worldwide to provide clients with advice. Often they travel with our clients to be their personal advisors on all safety and security matters.

Asset protection

We protect property, goods, industrial installations and estate on a global scale. Customised services to protect valuable assets in all circumstances, static and on the move.

Special projects

Special approaches for special circumstances. The consultants and protective specialists in our special projects teams are master creators of customised solutions. Whatever the reason is for a tailored approach (location, size, duration, circumstances) we strive to find a solution.

Training & Courses

Sharing knowledge and teaching skills. It doesn't matter whether you are working in the security industry or not. We have training and courses for security professionals and those needing to protect themselves.

Pricing Request

We secure businesses and individuals worldwide. Contact us for a discreet appraisal of your needs.

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