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Bodyguard Services In Dubai

Hire European bodyguards in Dubai. Your security, our priority.

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Bodyguard Services In Dubai

Acies International offers bodyguard services in Dubai and throughout the United Arab Emirates . Keeping you safe and secure is our number one priority, working round the clock to ensure your peace of mind.

Our highly experienced British and Dutch bodyguards are friendly, professional and have expert knowledge of the local area. 

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Our experience in Dubai

Dedicated to your security and privacy, our highly trained security team has years of experience in providing bodyguard services in Dubai to private, corporate and government clients. 

As a company that has extensive experience in providing bodyguard services in Dubai, we understand the importance of security and protective measures for our clients. Our team consists of highly trained and experienced personnel who conduct thorough security assessments and risk analysis to ensure that all our clients are fully secure and protected.

We strive for absolute perfection and quality when it comes to the protection of our clients. 

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Close Protection Services in Dubai 
"The team was great and extremely professional and respectful. Well trained and punctual.  
My only comment is Keep forward and god speed"
-VVIP from Saudi Arabia, visiting Dubai

Our real value to you:

The ultimate goal for everyone is being able to work, evolve and excel in a safe environment and to live unburdened with your family and friends. We provide professional, no-nonsense security and protection services so you are able to reach that goal.
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 Safe living, business & travel

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Increased productivity

Unburdened & comfortable peace of mind

Unburdened & comfortable peace of mind

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Efficiency in your mission & goals

Your assets protected

Your assets protected

Pillars, Your trusted reputation protected

Your trusted reputation protected

Hire your bodyguards

There are many reasons to hire bodyguards. Every situations asks for a different approach. 

Our tailor-made  solutions are the answer for that reason, personal contact with you is of great importance to us. 

Whether you are an international politician, UHNWI, VIP or need to keep a low profile, we provide Close Protection Officers (bodyguards) and complete bodyguard teams around the UAE.

Our main source of employees consists of British and Dutch professionals who are all licensed by the SIRA. (Security Industry Regulatory Agency).

Our experience in Dubai

We have years of experience in providing bodyguard services in Dubai and throughout the UAE.

Our Clients are:

  • Royal families
  • Politicians, Diplomats
  • Celebrities
  • VVIP and (U)HNWI
  • Businessmen

We have an outstanding reputation for providing personal protection services to individuals, families and businesses. Our clients praise our highly professional approach, but also the down to earth manner of our people.

Acies International - Bodyguards

Why choose Acies International

Acies International is the premier security company specialized in Executive Protection, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance. Consisting of highly experienced former military, government and law enforcement personnel from around the world, we offer a range of services tailored to meet the needs of those who require absolute protection.

Our team has successfully protected heads of state, high profile executives and VIPs including celebrities from a variety of industries. With unparalleled expertise and ability to execute throughout the United Arab Emirates, we provide bodyguard services for individuals or groups requiring a high level of security.

Acies International - Bodyguards

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We secure businesses and individuals in Dubai. Contact us for a discreet appraisal of your needs.