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If you have any special requests, please get in touch to discuss in more detail. We have gratefully established an incredible global network that enables us to solve most enquiries. We like a challenge!

Royal familiy and politician protection
Cooperation projects with government agencies and NGO's 

Personal protection in special situations

Exceptional asset protection 
High-risk and poor infrastructure area operations
Training & knowledge development


"When investigating a scam, a very violent kidnap attempt was prevented by the Acies team. The Acies protection team evacuated me to a safe place and they helped me with the police and legal process afterwards.

Without their advanced investigations the kidnapping plan would  have been unknown  and most likely have succeeded. I am forever grateful!."

CEO from Arizona, USA.  Identity concealed for safety reasons


Security is all about preparation. We prefer to not leave anything to chance. However, coincidence is never part of any plan. Like an earthquake in a country where there hadn't been an earthquake for decades. Like failures in infrastructure, strike action and armed conflicts. Thankfully, we are at our best in times of crisis. Repatriation, tracing of missing persons and evacuations: we respond quickly and decisively.

We offer the complete spectre of what is needed to operate in extreme situations. From private individuals and government officials to non-governmental organisations: we always know which steps to take at the right time.


  • First-in teams to survey the operation area
  • Logistics, networks, base camps and forward operating bases
  • Creating safe havens, processing centres and safe houses.
  • Protection of officials and aid workers in emergencies
  • Mission protection and support.

We are experienced in military and civil evacuation operations and support for NGO missions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine and various countries in Africa and Latin America.

Everything we do is focused on the safety of our customer. That is what we are trained to do. But our determation is what makes the true difference. The ability to react effectively, rather than freezing. To be in control of every situation. This offers certainty among all the unknowns.


"Our people got stuck in the war in Ukraine. We needed them evacuated as soon as possible. The Acies team took them out safely. We are so grateful"
International Operating Corporation 


Mines and explosives are the cynical leftovers of conflicts. Thousands of them are often encountered once peace returns, and they can have grave consequences. You can rely on our de-mining and explosives disposal specialists. These skilled professionals have been trained by expert EOD units (the army's explosives disposal specialists) in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. They are extremely experienced in military EOD units and have been deployed worldwide by de-mining and EOD organisations in conflict areas and countries that are suffering from the fallout of wars and conflicts.

We've have built experience in the following regions: Bosnia, Congo, Angola, Iraq, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Syria, United Kingdom, Cambodia.

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No Boundaries When Protecting Your Goals

We help clients from all over the world. Our services are provided where needed. We do not believe in boundaries or limits when protecting our clients' lives, assets and goals.

  • Trusted reputation: we have a wide international base of satisfied clients.
  • Worldwide services: 24/7 under all circumstances.
  • Experienced company with diverse security aspects.
  • Bespoke services: no standard off-the-shelf solutions, but truly tailor made to your exact needs and wishes.
  • Sophistication: elite and educated professionals that fit into your environment.
  • Results: we proudly claim a 100% success rate.


Our professional team will analyze your situation and will be of service to you accordingly. Let us know any requests you may have, so that we may accommodate you. For more information or special wishes, please contact us so we can provide you with the best bodyguard services and close protection services possible.