Knowing what to do in vulnerable situations. What is the best way to defend yourself? How can you avoid getting yourself into dangerous situations? What is the best way to escape from them?

Our experts are happy to teach you the ropes. We can train you during customized courses; put together based on your ability and situation.  All our teachers are also very friendly and patient.

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Courses & Training classes

Acies International - Training & Courses

Protection and Awareness

A combined programme of classic lectures and on-site advice. Specially designed for organisations and private individuals who want to know how they can protect themselves, their employees and customers against criminality, aggressive activism, and terrorism.

A very highly appreciated programme!!

Travel Las Vegas

Safe travels

No matter where you are going. Whether you are travelling for business, pleasure, or political purposes, we will help you to manage your personal safety. You can thus be sure of a safe trip.

Basic knowledge, awareness, and travel information, suited to your specific destination.

Stop the bleeding course

Stop the Bleeding 

A truly life saving course for everyone. Military, police, security, emergency service worker, civilian, or outdoor sports enthusiast. It doesn't matter what your profession or passion is, this course will, without a doubt, increase your survivability and that of the people around you in every situation. 

In times of terrorism, social unrest and increasing chaos the number one course for everyone.

In cooperation with military and police instructors. Including official Dutch First Aid (EHBO) certificate !

First Aid Course

Basic course First Aid 

The very basics of life saving. Suitable for everyone and completely up to date. Fully focused on useful and efficient skills..

Including official Dutch First Aid certificate !
Acies International - Bodyguards

Introduction course Personal security

A course for everyone that wants to know the ins and outs of personal protection. A good start for any career in the security sector. This course is often added to other courses for government organisations and security companies.

A course with unprecedented benefits thanks to the in-depth knowledge of experienced international experts. Within the sector, this is the course that truly makes a difference.

An extremely successful and highly appreciated course. Often copied. 

Acies International - About Us

Bodyguard course

The complete course for protecting civilians. Developed in cooperation between the best and largest security training facilities in Europe. 

  • Approved by the SIA
  • Compulsory 140 hours, including medical training and arms training
  • Including all facilities.
Acies International - Training & Courses

CPO Trauma & First Aid course

First Aid course with a trauma module, specially developed for bodyguards. With extra emphasis on ensuring the safety of people in specific personal security situations and high-risk environments. 

Cones with an official Dutch First Aid+ certificate

Acies International - Special projects

Project management in remote and high-risk areas 

A course for everyone who manages and develops projects in challenging environments and circumstances.

The basics involve security and awareness, with an essential emphasis on specific situations and missions.

Security Driver course

Security driver

For bodyguards and security drivers that want to learn more about the profession, in order to become active in the field of complete personal protection. 

Acies International - How we work

Organisation Protection Management

Originally designed for care facilities and hospitals to teach their personnel to protect their facilities and patients in the COVID19 era against rioting protesters and aggressive activism.

But highly appliccable to all organisations and facilities suffering from any form of attack.

Our training and courses are intended for:

  • Professionals in healthcare and aid work
  • Private, business and government organisations
  • Military and police professionals
  • Schools and sports clubs
  • Victims
  • People in vulnerable positions
  • Security companies and professionals

Our mission: to make sure that you have never experienced this level of safety. Because of this philosophy, we offer everyone the opportunity to protect themselves.

We have taught hundreds of people, from all layers of society. We offer them the knowledge and skills that can make (and have made) the difference between whether someone is a victim or not, and sometimes even between life and death.

Acies International - Training & Courses

Our elite instructors

Everything that you learn from our instructors relates to your safety. And we go to great lengths. We show you all our trade secrets when as far as we are permitted to do so. Our instruction team consists of former police and military instructors with worldwide experience in their specific areas of expertise.

You will learn what you need. But our instructors will also teach you to use this knowledge. They will be patient and helpful for as long as you need to master the finest details.

That is why we only teach in small teams. The more individual the training, the safer you are. Skills save lives, certificates don’t.


"When investigating a scam, a very violent kidnap attempt was prevented by the Acies team. The Acies protection team evacuated me to a safe place and they helped me with the police and legal process afterwards.

Without their advanced investigations the kidnapping plan would  have been unknown  and most likely have succeeded. I am forever grateful!."

CEO from Arizona, USA.  Identity concealed for safety reasons
Acies International - Maps

No Boundaries When Protecting Your Goals

We help clients from all over the world. Our services are provided where needed. We do not believe in boundaries or limits when protecting our clients' lives, assets and goals.

  • Trusted reputation: we have a wide international base of satisfied clients.
  • Worldwide services: 24/7 under all circumstances.
  • Experienced company with diverse security aspects.
  • Bespoke services: no standard off-the-shelf solutions, but truly tailor made to your exact needs and wishes.
  • Sophistication: elite and educated professionals that fit into your environment.
  • Results: we proudly claim a 100% success rate.


Our professional team will analyze your situation and will be of service to you accordingly. Let us know any requests you may have, so that we may accommodate you. For more information or special wishes, please contact us so we can provide you with the best bodyguard services and close protection services possible.