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The ideal match

We offer security to countless prominent people, from business tycoons and celebrities to royalty and politicians. All these people have one thing in common: everyone of them is unique.

Diversity requires tailor-made security solutions. That is why we place so much emphasis on effective preparation. Besides a comprehensive risk analysis, we also want to know as much as possible about the customer. This information is used to compile the right team of bodyguards.



The wishes of customers vary. They can for example, be determined by their preference for a male or female, by religion or by certain social requirements. The choice can also depend on whether our bodyguards need to be armed or by their appearance: being physically imposing or simply very unnoticeable.

No matter which choice is made, there is only one thing that matters in the end: do you feel safe with this bodyguard? People who feel at ease, radiate strength, and inviolability. That is what we call a successful match.

Visiting Paris

"I needed bodyguards protecting me in Paris. I had a last-minute apoointment and needed two female bodyguards speaking French and English. Everything plus a lot of extra services and care was taken care of in no time. Next time i need bodyguards I will, without any doubt, contact Acies International.
Female Chinese CEO


The ultimate goal for everyone is being able to work, evolve and excel in a safe environment and to live unburdened with your family and friends. Our bodyguard agency provides professional, no-nonsense security and close protection services so you are able to reach that goal.
Safe living, business & travel
Increased productivity

Unburdened & comfortable peace 

of mind

Efficiency in your mission & goals
Your assets protected
Your trusted reputation protected
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No Boundaries When Protecting Your Goals

We help clients from all over the world. Our services are provided where needed. We do not believe in boundaries or limits when protecting our clients' lives, assets and goals.

  • Trusted reputation: we have a wide international base of satisfied clients.
  • Worldwide services: 24/7 under all circumstances.
  • Experienced company with diverse security aspects.
  • Bespoke services: no standard off-the-shelf solutions, but truly tailor made to your exact needs and wishes.
  • Sophistication: elite and educated professionals that fit into your environment.
  • Results: we proudly claim a 100% success rate.


Our professional team will analyze your situation and will be of service to you accordingly. Let us know any requests you may have, so that we may accommodate you. For more information or special wishes, please contact us so we can provide you with the best bodyguard services and close protection services possible.