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Personal protection services for private, corporate and government clients.

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Luxury Bodyguard services in France and Monaco

We provide professional bodyguard services in France and Monaco tailored to your needs.

Most of our international clients need our bodyguard services in France or Monaco only for a short period of time while they travel for business or leisure.

You can hire our bodyguards for a few days but also for multiple months, we provide you with professional and highly trained bodyguards.

Acies International - You never felt safer
Acies International - You never felt safer
Acies International - Bodyguards

Perfection in protection

We will provide you with ultimate protection to keep you safe during your stay.
Our protection specialists are intelligent, sophisticated professionals with a lot of experience who come from elite military or law-enforcement backgrounds.

They have protected Royal families, politicians, celebrities, and people from different cultures all over the world. So whether you need assistance staying safe in the major cities or while traveling throughout the country, trust our team of bodyguards to keep you safe and make your trip to France a successful one.

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Trip to France
"Thank you for protecting us, the bodyguards where very kind for my family."
-From Saudi Arabia

Our real value to you:

The ultimate goal for everyone is being able to work, evolve and excel in a safe environment and to live unburdened with your family and friends. We provide professional, no-nonsense security and protection services so you are able to reach that goal.

 Safe living, business & travel

Increased productivity

Unburdened & comfortable peace of mind

Efficiency in your mission & goals

Your assets protected

Your trusted reputation protected

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Paris Trip

“I contacted Acies International on short notice, within a week of needing personal security, in Paris for my bosses’ teen daughters. Jeff was incredibly responsive and detailed from our first email exchange. We were given a quote for what we needed and booked the service detail. Their pricing was very fair and honest. During the family’s trip in Europe, and on short notice, my boss wanted a van and driver to accompany his daughters and security for ease of transport and reached out to Jeff to ask about - Jeff was able to secure this for us at the eleventh hour. Almost unheard of, especially given the extensive travel in Europe underway currently. Jeff informed us of the security individuals assigned to the girls and everything was very clearly outlined in emails which I appreciated. The girls had an amazing time in Paris and felt very safe, protected, and guided. Their father was incredibly happy with the service provided and said the girls were raving about their experience. We highly recommend Acies International and believe Jeff and his staff are highly trustworthy and experienced individuals.”

-Executive Assistant, Natalie, USA

Covert Protection

Many of our clients do not want to draw any attention, they just want to have a safe and comfortable life therefore we provide them with Covert Protection.

Our highly skilled and experienced bodyguards who can blend into the background of any situation and ensure maximum protection. This allows us to detect potential threats before they arise, creating a safer environment for our clients. 

Free risk analysis

We put our values on top of everything. What we do and how we provide advice will be for sure based on integrity, transparency, credibility and professionalism.

We like to work in a simple way keeping everything as clear as possible.

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Why choose Acies International

Our clients phrase our services due to fact that all our bodyguards are easily approachable, well mannered and very flexible, everyone wants to live a life that is both safe and comfortable. 

We will make sure that the implemented security matches your lifestyle, that's why clients choose us.

Acies International - Bodyguards

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We secure businesses and individuals in France. Contact us for a discreet appraisal of your needs.