Risk Consultancy and VIP Protection

Hire Bodyguards For Your Travel Abroad

International bodyguard services for travelers and executives. Personal protection for those who need to feel safe when traveling abroad. With decades of experience and expertise, our professional team can provide you with the best protection no matter where you are in the world.

Acies International is here to offer professional bodyguard services at an affordable cost. As the highest level of security detail in the private protection industry, our professionally trained bodyguards (close protection officers) can be hired for both domestic and international assignments. No job is too big or small for our experts. Our teams are ready for travel at a moment's notice with all the experience needed to navigate complicated situations in any cultural climate.

Working With Bodyguard Professionals

Working with a bodyguard team can prevent any kind of threats. The dangers faced by your employees, family and business owners can be prevented by hiring bodyguard professionals.

Maintaining a bodyguard firm means that you are getting trained professionals who are ready and able to help you out any time. They have the equipment, skills and training that will be able to not only protect you but can also assist in any scenario where there may be an emergency or even if you need help getting out of a location quickly.

Our team of highly trained and experienced bodyguards (Close Protection Officers) has the expertise to provide security for individuals, businesses and even major corporations that require a high level of protection.


As a security company, Acies has the expertise and experience to provide you with an exemplary private security service. We have a wealth of experience in private security services and can cater to any needs you may have. Moreover, at Acies, we adhere to the strictest standards of quality standards.
Our Bodyguard Services are focused on protecting individuals and businesses from threats, whether real or perceived. Our guards are trained to the highest standards. Hiring security staff allows you to concentrate on your business, family or personal life without having to worry about the risks involved.