Crisis Response

Solutions & Support In Emergency And Crisis Situations

In times of crisis, natural disaster or political unrest, you need a reliable partner for the security and planning of your mission. 

Our people are experienced in providing the needed security and logistics to make any mission in high-risk areas a safe expedition.

  • Emergency evacuation and extraction of personnel
  • Support operations
  • Mission protection
  • Area reconnaissance

Evacuation & Extraction

Emergency evacuation and repatriation of personnel when infrastucture is lacking and regular means of transport no longer exist. 

  • Remote & crisis areas 
  • Warzones
  • Natural disaster struck countries.

We have been, and are currently, evacuating people from the most complex situated locations on the globe.

Global crisis response and disaster relief support operations

Support Operations

Solutions and logistical support for missons all over the globe in conflict zones, remote territories,and areas with failing infrastructure

Force-multiplication expertise and networking capabilitie for international organisations making the mission a success. 

  • Governments, NGO, Relief, Corporate
  • 24/7
  • Global reach
  • Under all circumstances
Acies International - Special projects

Mission Protection

We have the specialist expertise and necessary networks to provide protection for any mission in remote areas and crisis situations. 

  • Worldwide
  • All risk-levels
  • Consultancy
  • Network
  • Logistics

Area Reconnaissance

To make any mission a success, decent information and setting up infrastructure is essential. 

  • Reconnaissance teams for research and information
  • Base camp set up
  • Local & international mission network development
  • Route research and mapping
  • Safe haven, shelter and processing camp set up

Global intelligence matrix