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Success is impossible without decent information

Global intelligence matrix

Information, the key to success

Relevant information is essential for reaching your goals successfully. 

Whether setting up overseas business and challenging projects, hiring new people or being threatened, success is impossible without relevant knowledge.

Raw information is simply not enough. Professional analysis is essential to turn it into usefull material.

We provide expert investigators for collecting information and structuraly processing it into usefull and appliccable information.

We help our clients reaching goals safely on a global scale.

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Private investigations 
Tax fraud, corporate theft, alimony, scam, tracking of missing persons.

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Project risk assessment
Overseas or high risk project safety & feasibility research.

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Protective Intelligence
Surveillance, counter surveillance, observation, predictive profiling.

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"When a big business deal turned into disaster, I hired protective and investigation specialists with Acies. They confirmed a suspected scam and discovered the plan for my kidnapping for ransom.
A very violent kidnap attempt was prevented by the Acies team. The Acies protection team evacuated me to a safe place and they helped me with the police and legal process afterwards.
Without their advanced investigations the kidnapping plan would  have been unknown  and most likely have succeeded. 
I am forever grateful .
-CEO from Arizona, USA.  Identity concealed for safety reasons
Acies International - Investigations

Private investigations

We provide worldwide investigative services for private, corporate and government clients aimed at providing lawful, evidence based information for solid case-building and legal proceeding.

Our experienced investigators will provide you and your organisation with the intelligence that enables you to reach your goals successfully. 

Common cases we successfully provide our global clients investigation services:

  • Tax & alimony fraud 
  • Scam
  • Corporate theft
  • Background checking & missing person tracking
  • Evidence gathering & case building

Information is the key factor for success. we are always willing to present your organisation the possibilities without any obligation from your side.

Acies International - Special projects

Project risk analysis 

Project development in unstable regions is impossible without decent knowledge.

Social unrest, political unstability, chaos, and other destabilising factors are common causes for failure.

Our intelligence experts are experienced in the analysis and assessment of local political, social and infrastructural factors that influence the development and execution of your mission. 

  • Pre mission information gathering
  • Risk analysis and assessment  
  • Special reconnaissance projects 

We provide the fundament for a successful mission outcome

Acies International - Private Investigations

Protective investigations

Safety depends on knowledge of the threat.

Information collecting and processing are substantial parts of personal and asset protection.
Early implementation of information collecting and protective measures vastly decrease the chances of successful attack. 

We provide a wide range of investigational services, aimed at the protection and safety of our clients.

  • Surveillance 
  • Counter-surveillance
  • Observation
  • Predictive profiling

We provide surveillance and observation services around the world

Acies International - Private Investigations

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We secure businesses and individuals worldwide. Contact us for a discreet appraisal of your needs.

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