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Security Consultancy

It's not as easy as you think, but the possibilities are endless at Acies International.

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Safeguarding your goals

All you care for is worth protecting. We deploy our security consultants and advisors to assess, analyse, advise and provide physical protection to our clients 24/7. Our security consultancy specialists are experienced bodyguard trained former police and military professionals.
Acies International - Consultancy

Consultants at your side

The main task of every consultant, as it is in fact of every security professional, is to advise on all security related matters. There is, however, a difference between advisors and consultants. 

Where advisors mainly just advise, our consultants are specialized in applying what we call the security chain. To provide you with an efficient and reliable security system, a consultant will be there for you, wherever it is needed around the world, to assess your situation, to advise you what measures to take and to execute agreed plans for you. 

Our consultants work worldwide, 24/7, under a wide variety of circumstances providing our clients with efficient services. They will go through great lengths to be your trusted partner in security.

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"We, Intermarketing Agency, recently used Acies International to assist with close protection security on a photoshoot in the Netherlands. The whole process was extremely smooth and easy. The booking team were very helpful pre, during, and post the job. The protection team themselves were super professional, whilst also being approachable. I would recommend this service to anyone!"
-Intermarketing Agency
Acies International - Consultancy

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We secure businesses and individuals worldwide. Contact us for a discreet appraisal of your needs.