Acies International - Special projects

Special projects

Bespoke solutions for extraordinary situations

Acies International - Special projects

Limitless Security Solutions

We believe that circumstances, however challenging, should never dictate the outcome of a desired goal. We believe in creating opportunities by using all the aspects of the operational environment in your advantage.

With our years of experience, creative problem solving facilities, and dedicated team, we are able to offer you exactly what your organisation needs in extraordinary situations

Answering the special requirements according your project's extraordinary nature, value, challenging location or level of risk is our trade

From training and consultancy to the implementation of protective programs, we tailor our services to your unique needs.

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Royal familiy and politician protection

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Cooperation projects with government agencies and NGO's 
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Personal protection in special situations
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Exceptional asset protection 

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High-risk and poor infrastructure area operations

Training & knowledge development

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Special Projects

Global crisis response and disaster relief support operations

Emergency & Crisis Situation Evacuation 

Failing infrastructure, hostile intentions of certain groups, and the many variables that dominate the situation in conflictzones and natural disaster struck areas make the safe repatriation of personnel very complex.

Finding (missing) persons, getting access to information and networks, planning safe ways for extraction, and the actual evacuation of people asks for a synthesis of different operational components. 

We provide the complete structure necessary for such operations but also the elemental support for likewise operations of governments and non-governmental organisations. 

  • First-in teams for the reconnaissance of the area of operation
  • Providing first logistics, network, basecamp and Forward Operating Bases
  • Safe haven, processing center and shelter setup 
  • Emergency responder & aidworker protection
  • Mission protection & support
  • Finding & evacuating of personnel

We have experience with military & civil evacuation operations and the support of NGO missions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, and a variety of countries in Africa and Latin America. 

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"Our people got stuck in the war in Ukraine. We needed them evacuated as soon as possible. The Acies team took them out safely. We are so grateful"
-International Operating Corporation 

Demining & EOD 

We provide professional demining and explosive ordnance disposal specialists on a worldwide scale. 

Our specialists are top-notch professionals trained by the expert EOD units in Britain and the Netherlands. They have years of experience working within military EOD units and being deployed worldwide for demining and EOD organisations in warzones and countries struggling with the leftovers from wars and conflicts. 

Bosnia   Congo   Angola   Iraq   Vietnam   Afghanistan   Syria   UK   Cambodia  

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