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It's not as easy as you think, but the possibilities are endless at Acies International.

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Protect what you value

It is our mission to help the world being a safe place for everyone.

Besides actively protecting people with physical protection and advice, we also want to help in building the foundation by sharing knowledge. Educating people makes them more self-reliant and the awareness it creates will help shaping a safer world.

It doesn’t really matter whether you are a professional dedicating your life to the protection of others or not. When you need to protect yourself or others, you know there is no second chance… the outcome of any dangerous situation depends on your skills and action intelligence.

We train people around the world to become skilled thinkers, able to protect themselves and others. Our courses are designed and given by experienced protective specialists who will teach you to create the necessary momentum needed to survive.

Acies International - Training & Courses

Can you protect your loved ones ?

We teach hundreds op people each year. We provide training, courses and seminars for:

  • Security professionals. Those wanting to become better security providing professionals.
  • Everyone not in the security profession but needing or wanting to learn how to protect themselves, their loved ones and all they care for.

For security professionals

We provide a wide range of training, courses, lectures and seminars for security professionals around the world. 

Experienced operators with a commitment to excellence

Teaching something you haven’t practiced yourself is just as worthless as being very experienced but being unable to translate your experience and knowledge to your students.

Our instructors are selected for their experience and their ability to teach and inspire their students and to help them develop their skills and confidence. 

No assembly line training

We know our training programms and lectures are different than most provided courses elsewhere. We won’t emphasize the ‘cool stuff’ in our training to make it look better or to make the ‘experience’ unforgettable.
The knowledge we share, the skills we teach you with passion and patience, the mindset you will develop with the help of our trainers, it is all reality based and action proven around the world. 

Without aiming to make it an unforgetable experience, after all it will be. We have a 100% (!!) student satisfactory rate. 

What students say about our Training & Courses

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About the training & courses
“Never learned so much in such a short time before” 
Tom H.
About the training & courses
“This was the best of all courses I attended in my life” 
Jan V.
About the training & courses
“The instructors were amazing, they really take ‘dedication’ to a next level!” 
Mohammed A.

Training & courses for those not working in the security industry

However it surprises people very often, we provide more training and courses for people not working in the security profession than to people who actually do.

Protection is commonly a task for professionals. But learning to protect yourself, your loved ones, your business and your employees, or learning how to be more aware in that strange or even hostile environment, makes you less dependable to others.
It also dramatically reduces the chance of being a victim. 

To whom it may concern

We have tought awareness and self defense basics to children of families that were seriously threatened and were under protection of close protection teams.  We have given seminars to people with special needs teaching them to be able to defend themselves by raising their awareness and confidence.  We have provided medical and awareness courses to people from press agencies, NGO’s and business corporations working in hostile environments. 

These are just a few examples. We have provided much more courses and new courses are under development to meet the needs of clients around the world.

A few examples of courses

Situational awareness & prepare to defend. A course designed for people who might be seen as more vulnerable and therefore easy targets, like children, elderly people and women. Also for personnel of companies and organisations that have an increased risk of becoming targets like emergency responders, social workers and teachers.

Acies International - Training & Courses

Tailored courses and training. When the standard training and courses do not match your situation or aren’t enough to counter the threat, our specialists are very capable of developing a tailored training.

Remote medicine for people traveling or working in third world countries and remote areas.

Risk awareness for people working, living or travelling in high risk countries.

Personal protection for families who are threatened.

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