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Protective skills and life saving knowledge for everyone

Learn to protect and be safe

We provide courses and training classes to all who want to live and work in safety, and be less vulnerable.

Whether you are a security professional or first responder, an elderly civilian, student or LEAF, our courses and classes are designed for you

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Courses & Training classes

Acies International - Training & Courses

Protection & Awareness

A combined program of classroom lecture and on location consultancy. Specially designed for organisations and individuals that need to know how to protect themselves, their employees and clients against criminality, aggressive activism and terrorism. 

A very high ranked and appreciated program !!

Travel Las Vegas

Travel safety

For all people travelling. Whether for business, leisure or politics, we enable you to master your own safety and the successful outcome of your journey. 

Basic knowledge and awareness, and location specifics tailored to your specific destination.

Stop the bleeding course

Stop the Bleeding 

A truly life saving course for everyone. Military, police, security, emergency service worker, civilian, or outdoor sports enthusiast. It doesn't matter what your profession or passion is, this course will, without a doubt, increase your survivability and that of the people around you in every situation. 

In times of terrorism, social unrest and increasing chaos the number one course for everyone.

In cooperation with military and police instructors. Including official Dutch First Aid (EHBO) certificate !!

First Aid Course

Basic First Aid 

The very basics of life saving skills for everyone, but adapted to this time. No nonsense, no unnecessary time and effort absorbing protocols, but 100% usefull and efficient skills.

Including official Dutch First Aid (EHBO) certificate !!

Acies International - Bodyguards

Close Protection Introduction course

A course for everyone interested in becoming a close protection officer or employed in other security related jobs and wanting to know more about the close protection art.

This course is often added to other courses for government organisations and security companies. 

The true added value is the no-nonsense approach. No tactics and shooting but serious in-depth knowledge shared by experienced international experts. This is the course that will make the difference when you are entering the circuit !

An immensely successful and highly appreciated course. Often copied. 

Acies International - About Us

Close Protection Operative course

The complete civilian bodyguard course. Given in cooperation with the best and biggest security training facilities providers in Europe. 

  •      SIA approved.
  •      Mandatory 140 hours, including Medic training and weapon handling.
  •      Including all facilities.

Acies International - Training & Courses

CPO Trauma & First aid course

First aid course with trauma module, specially developed for close protection officers. 

With extra emphasis on saving your principal in specific close protection situations and high risk environments. 

Also with official Dutch First Aid (EHBO+) certificate

Acies International - Special projects

Remote & High risk area project managing 

A course for enyone managing and developing projects in challenging environments and circumstances.

Lots of basic safety priciples and awareness but also the essentials for your specific situation and mission.

Security Driver course

Security Driver

For close protection agents and security drivers wanting to learn more about each other's profession to be able to work in complete personal protection teams.

The basics of close protection and the essentials for the dedicated security driver.

A successful course that is also very often copied now but still the only one containing the crucial elements that made it the successful asset for dedicated professionals. 

With a challenging and exceptionally useful final training exercise.  

Acies International - How we work

Organisation Protection Management

Originally designed for care facilities and hospitals to teach their personnel to protect their facilities and patients in the COVID19 era against rioting protesters and aggressive activism.

But highly appliccable to all organisations and facilities suffering from any form of attack.

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Our students are:

  • Care & Emergency professionals
  • Private, corporate and governmental organisations
  • Military & Police professionals
  • Schools and sportsclubs
  • Victims
  • Vulnerable people
  • Security companies and professionals

In our ongoing mission to protect people and enable them to protect themselves, we have no age limits. We do not have military or police only classes. 

We have taught hundreds of people from all walks of life, giving them the knowledge and skills that can mean (and in multiple cases literally meant) the difference between being a victim or not and sometimes between life and death. 

Acies International - Training & Courses

Our instruction team

Our knowledge and skills have value only when students are able to apply them.

The responsibility we feel towards you, when learning from us, really goes beyond the commonly accepted standards.

Our instruction team consists of former police and military instructors with truly worldwide experience in their specific fields and with teaching in general.

Our dedicated instructors go through great lengths to teach you what you need. Patience and professionality are the hallmarks of our very approachable instructors. When a subject is not clear yet, they will repeat again, and again if needed, to reach the final goal, which is your increased skillset.

We do not provide assembly line training programs. Our classes are aimed at gaining useful and applicable knowledge that saves lives, not at providing fancy but useless certificates. Skills save lives, certificates do not.

What students say about our Training & Courses

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About the training & courses
“Never learned so much in such a short time before” 
Tom H.
About the training & courses
“This was the best of all courses I attended in my life” 
Jan V.
About the training & courses
“The instructors were amazing, they really take ‘dedication’ to a next level!” 
Mohammed A.
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