Q: Where do you offer your services?

A: All over the world. Our men and women are multilingual and have experience on all continents. If necessary, we will be pleased to travel with you.

Q: Who do you work for?

A: Everyone who thinks they need professional protection. Our customers include royal families, politicians, celebrities, very wealthy people, NGOs, multinationals, and private individuals. Because of our discretion, we will not mention any names. Criminals and people with bad intentions need not call us.

Q: Can I receive personal information about specific agents?

A: To a certain extent. We will always match you with the candidate that best suits your preferences and objectives. We will share all professional information that is of importance.

Q: What is the quality of your services?

A: Our men and women originate from the military and law enforcement and possess extensive experience when it comes to protecting people and property all over the world. Our organisation is one of the best in the world and has proven itself in all levels of security.

Q: Who is part of the Acies team?

A: All our men and women have a clean criminal record. They are very intelligent, well-formed, and empathic people. They are representative and social. But above all: each of them is an expert when it comes to security.

Q: Can my bodyguard also be my driver?

A: In most situations, this is very impractical and even impossible. A bodyguard must be able to concentrate on the surroundings and your safety, not the traffic. For example, waiting for the driver while he parks the car somewhere actually leads to unwanted risks.

Q: How many hours a day do bodyguards work?

A: We offer our services 24/7. Over this period, we set a limit of 12 hours of action per day, to stay on our toes and focussed. We impose a minimum of 6 hours per day.

Q: Do you work with partners?

A: Yes, we work with a select group of partners. People who we know thoroughly and who are committed to the same high standards as us.

Q: What are the nationalities of your men and women?

A: Mostly Dutch, but sometimes British or other European nationalities.

Q: What can you say about your price structure? 

A: The price is always determined by the project. The level of security that is needed depends on various factors, depending on time and distance and on the involved activities. The number of people, the transport, the precautions; it is all part of the research we carry out. Ultimately, the cost of the optimal level of security can only be calculated once we know the client's preferences and requirements. We will not do it for any less.

Q: Can a single bodyguard protect more than one person?

A: Groups of people always split up during activities, and a bodyguard can only be in one place at any given moment. It is thus very impractical, so we normally discourage it. It is certainly not possible if the risks are high.

Q: Are you flexible enough for my lifestyle?

A: We offer tailor-made solutions and, within reason, all imaginable durations, locations, time schedules and circumstances can be modified. Everything is about your safety. And this cannot always be predicted. So the answer is: yes.

Q: Are you always wearing suits? I do not want to attract attention.

A: Actually, you have a say in this. It depends if you want someone who fits the surroundings or someone whose clothes and posture exude physical authority. Whatever you decide, our highly qualified professionals will always be well turned out in all circumstances.


"We were about to give up our mission in Africa. It was so dangerous that we thought we would never be able to return to the area and work there again.

The security consultant that Acies sent us was truly an expert. He had great local knowledge and a network that gave us the best opportunities to meet the right people. We reached our goals and were even able to grow our mission. Without him we wouldn't work in Africa anymore. Thank you !"
Semi-Governmental trade mission from UAE in Africa
Acies International - Maps

No Boundaries When Protecting Your Goals

We help clients from all over the world. Our services are provided where needed. We do not believe in boundaries or limits when protecting our clients' lives, assets and goals.

  • Trusted reputation: we have a wide international base of satisfied clients.
  • Worldwide services: 24/7 under all circumstances.
  • Experienced company with diverse security aspects.
  • Bespoke services: no standard off-the-shelf solutions, but truly tailor made to your exact needs and wishes.
  • Sophistication: elite and educated professionals that fit into your environment.
  • Results: we proudly claim a 100% success rate.


Our professional team will analyze your situation and will be of service to you accordingly. Let us know any requests you may have, so that we may accommodate you. For more information or special wishes, please contact us so we can provide you with the best bodyguard services and close protection services possible.