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We provide a wide range of services to make your visit to Amsterdam an unforgettable experience.

Acies International - You never felt safer
Acies International - You never felt safer
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Personal protection for safely visiting Amsterdam

Whether you are visiting Amsterdam for political matters, business, or simply to enjoy the city’s unique sights, it is important to ensure you have your personal safety protected at all times.

We provide bodyguard services in Amsterdam for our international clients and their families or employees when they travel to Amsterdam.

Acies International - Bodyguards

Bodyguard services in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a great city to live, work and visit. We are able to protect you and your loved ones in Amsterdam so that you can enjoy your life!

Our team will provide everything you need to ensure that you get the best protection possible and nothing will be left on the table when it comes to making sure that you’re taken care of.

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We, Intermarketing Agency, recently used Acies International to assist with close protection security on a photoshoot in the Netherlands. The whole process was extremely smooth and easy. The booking team were very helpful pre, during, and post the job. The protection team themselves were super professional, whilst also being approachable. I would recommend this service to anyone!"
-Intermarketing Agency

Our real value to you:

The ultimate goal for everyone is being able to work, evolve and excel in a safe environment and to live unburdened with your family and friends. We provide professional, no-nonsense security and protection services so you are able to reach that goal.

 Safe living, business & travel

Increased productivity

Unburdened & comfortable peace of mind

Efficiency in your mission & goals

Your assets protected

Your trusted reputation protected

Our highly trained bodyguards

Our bodyguards are some of the most experienced and highly trained in the business. Each one of our bodyguards has been carefully selected based on intelligence training, experience, education, physical capability and character. Their manners and behavior set them apart from their competition. They are dedicated to keeping you safe, and your family members as well. The team is made up of former military and police officers with extensive knowledge in all areas of security.

In order to provide the highest quality we work with our own Dutch bodyguards who know Amsterdam, where to go and where not to go.

Our VIP clients ask for well mannered, punctual and discreet professionals who they can rely on for protection so they can fully enjoy their holiday or focus on their business.

All our Dutch bodyguards speak fluently English.

Concierge Services Amsterdam

Together with our partners we are able to provide all what is needed for an unforgettable experience.

  • Luxury transportation
  • Meeting rooms and conference venues
  • Dining
  • Nightlife access and VIP tables 

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Official Chinese government delegation in the Netherlands
"Very well done. Our people were safe. Negotiations safe and a success"
-People's Republic of China official

Protection against all harm

A bodyguard’s primary goal is to protect his clients from any threat against their physical well being and personal safety.

Personal protection is about controlling and managing the risks that can arise out of the situation. In contrast to what most people think, a bodyguard’s task is not only to prevent physical attack like murder or kidnap. He protects his client against all kinds of threat and attack.

Protection against stalking, slander, blackmail, extortion, humiliation and menace is very commonly needed and frequently provided.

Free risk analysis

We analyze threats and risks for you. Then, we advise you how to approach the situation and what measures should be taken to mitigate them.

We will provide a report of all our findings once the security analysis is complete. We do not charge anything until we have agreed on any services.
On top of that, we will never advise you not needed security measures.

Acies International - Bodyguards

Pricing Request

Contact us for a discreet appraisal of your needs. We are happy to create effective solutions for your situation.