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Be steps ahead of fraudsters and competition in legal cases.

Have all odds in your favor in business and development projects.

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If you are looking for a private investigator with knowledge of Dubai and local areas, Acies International is your ideal partner. When you are trying to find legal evidence, suspect untrustworthy partners of wrongdoing or need critical information for developing your business, you need reliable investigators to help you build a strong case to solve the problem. We provide the most effective and proven private surveillance and investigations services for your successful case.

Our standards, operations and results are in line with the Regulations of Investigative Powers Act (RIPA). Discover our investigation services or request more information about a private investigator in Dubai or your destination of choice.

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The value of a private investigator in Dubai or somewhere else in the UAE

Rely on a private investigator in Dubai when you want to collect or need access to critical information. Our team of highly-trained and skilled former military and police operators will carefully assess the situation and bring you the results that best suit your needs and requirements. This also applies to our professional bodyguard services in Dubai. In general, corporations, governments and private individuals inquire about hiring a private investigator in Dubai in the following cases:

  • To gain evidence for legal issues
  • Extra-marital disputes & property settlements
  • During security operations
  • To track down missing persons
  • To get proof of fraud connected with insurance and welfare claims
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"When investigating a scam, a very violent kidnap attempt was prevented by the Acies team. The Acies protection team evacuated me to a safe place and they helped me with the police and legal process afterwards.
Without their advanced investigations the kidnapping plan would  have been unknown  and most likely have succeeded. I am forever grateful!

- CEO from Arizona, USA.  Identity concealed for safety reasons

Our real value to you:

The ultimate goal for everyone is living and working unburdened in a safe environment. We provide professional investigative services to get you the information or evidence you need to keep you ahead of fraudsters and competitors.
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Major fraud discovered
"I suspected fraud from an associate. Acies found evidence that I was wrong, it was another associate. Without this evidence I would have made the wrong decisisons , which would have ended my business. 

- UAE Businessman, Identity concealed for privacy reasons

Q:  Are private surveillance & investigations services legal?

A:  Yes. Private surveillance and investigation services are legal. Our people and methods are always in line with the law.

Q:  Do you keep details of your investigations private?
A:  Yes. Privacy and integrity are key features. Acies International commits itself to the highest degree of confidentiality. 

QWhat methods do you use?
A:  We use all kinds of technical equipment to track, log and secure information. We have experts for digital and open source intelligence gathering. But the greatest asset always remains the use of human intelligence. We have the best and very experienced operators for this. 

QHow much do these services cost?
A:  The costs of private surveillance and investigation services depend, like our other services, on various factors like purpose, duration, intensity, quantity and any further case specific conditions. 
We are always transparent. There will never be any hidden costs. Before we mutually agree on services, we always give a lot of free advice about the usefulness and feasibility of services and best practices. 

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Our international agency offers efficiency and absolute perfection

People choose our agency for our efficiency, quality and humane mindset. When VIP security or critical information is needed, only efficient quality matters. We realize that a lot depends on it. Our clients and partners praise us for the excellent results of our services and the endless dedication of our people when protecting them around the world. Our investigators are experienced and skilled professionals. They have made the difference in legal cases around the world, giving our clients the head start needed to excel and be successful. You can also rely on us when you want to hire a bodyguard or a personal protection team to keep you safe anywhere you go.

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We secure businesses and individuals worldwide and provide professional private investigation services in Dubai or different destinations. Contact us for a discreet appraisal of your needs. Please call +31 610 26 2319 or send an email to You can also fill out our contact form for more information about your own private bodyguard.