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Acies International - You never felt safer
Acies International - You never felt safer
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A bodyguard will allow you to work, enjoy and live without fear during your stay in Madrid. Acies International provides tailor-made private security solutions to keep you protected at all times. Your situation will be assessed and thoroughly analyzed by our safety consultants after your first contact with us. According to the results, we will draw up a protection plan based on your needs and wishes. Find out more about the possibility of having a bodyguard available at your service during your business trip or private vacation in Madrid.

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The benefits of having a bodyguard with you during your trip in Madrid

Our bodyguard services enable you to enjoy your time in Madrid safely. Our specialists have successfully protected persons with high profiles, such as celebrities, members of royal families, diplomats, politicians and many more. Our bodyguards are smartly-dressed and well-spoken and are equipped with skills and expertise to create a safe and unburdened environment under any circumstances. Are you interested in the services of a professional bodyguard or other forms of close protection during your time in Madrid? We are at your service for private security solutions as well as special projects.

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Are you travelling to the Spanish capital or other destinations with a high risk for you and your family or associates , for example to Italy? We keep you and your assets well-protected at all times. Contact us for the service of a professional bodyguard during your stay in Madrid, in Germany or anywhere in the world. For more information about our company providing professional private protection, feel free to contact us by calling +31 610 26 2319 or by sending an email to

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