Prices For Hiring Bodyguard Services 

The numbers and what factors affect the price

The first question that often arises when considering private security and personal protective services is what it may cost. It is a common misconception that having a bodyguard is a privilege required only by presidents or celebrities stalked by obsessed fans. In reality people from different environments hire security companies for personal protection and to withstand threats and provocations. 

What really affects the price

Without any doubt the most important factor that affects the costs for any security services, and personal protection services in particular, is the quality. 

There are hundreds of security companies that provide their services for seemingly competitive prices and lots of individuals but also companies fall for this trap.
And a trap it is because in the private security market the proof is evident that security companies providing services for budget rates always provide budget quality.

The problem is that it is not always directly visible for clients whether a bodyguard is good or not. Any company could send out a good looking bodyguard that impresses a client and his surroundings with his looks, suit or behaviour. But the difference is how a professional, high quality bodyguard shapes the environment for his client, prevents risk and efficiently protects his client from attack.

Serious close protection agents have backgrounds within governmental protection units and simply loads of experience working around the world protecting high-end clients. 

And they know their worth!

High quality bodyguards simply do not, in any way, work for the rates that budget security providers ask. It is really just as simple as that. 

This without a doubt doesn't make the opposite true. A low quality company asking high prices doesn't make it a better one. 
Therefore serious investigation is needed when wanting personal protection services. 

We truly believe that anyone needing serious personal protection services deserves the best available. If there is a serious threat, no one should ever consider lower quality services out of budgetary considerations. 

Your life and that of your loved ones is the most important thing in the world and only quality and efficiency should be the key factors in making a decision.

Security costs in Numbers

Apple CEO Tim Cook's security expenses reached the sum of $457.038 over the past years.

Uber paid over $600.000 for personal security for its CEO Dara Khosrowshani. 

In 2020 Facebook paid almost $50 million for the security and individual protection of its CEO Mark Zuckerberg, including a $10 million allowance for his family's safety and transport. 

Jeff Bezos paid an anual $1.6 million for personal protection. 

The Dutch royal family spends an estimated €40 million per year on security measures.

The American president's security costs are estimated at a daily $2 million.

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Visiting Istanbul for business
"We needed bodyguards for our businesstrip to Istanbul. The contact went very smooth and everything was taken care of very punctually."
-Herr Wiegmann, boardmember German company

Other Important Factors Affecting Prices


The risk-level differs per situation. This level affects the costs as more risk means more work and more overhead costs for protective measures, equipment and insurances. 

Type of services

This seems obvious but there are lots of different services. Services are always tailored to your specific needs and wishes to ensure you the best possible solutions in the given circumstances.


We have dayrates for all our services but we are flexible because we want to serve our clients in the best possible way. 

Additional services and measures

Security-drivers, logistical support, networking capabilities, interpreters, guides, consultants and lots of additional services are very commonly added as force-multipliers to increase the efficiency of security operations.

Special circumstances and needs

We are a flexible and dynamical company. Our approach is to create efficient solutions for your optimal safety. Special wishes and needs are not uncommon but often the standard. We strive for a limitless approach and have helped hundreds of clients worldwide in extraordinary circumstances reaching their objectives in safety.

Logistical situation

We promise state of the art solutions around the globe, under all circumstances. Such circumstances can bring certain logistical and organisational challenges that may affect additional costs.    

Honest Advice & Fair Prices

  • Free Risk Analysis
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Honest Advice & Feasibility Research
  • No Costs Charged When Not Agreed
  • Services Advised Only When Really Needed

We are very transparent. We give our clients honest advice whether services are necessary or not and what the best solutions might be. 

We provide you high quality and efficiency for your safety and unburdened living. 

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Increased productivity

Unburdened & comfortable peace of mind

Efficiency in your mission & goals

Your assets protected

Your trusted reputation protected

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Official Chinese government delegation in the Netherlands
"Very well done. Our people were safe. Negotiations safe and a success"
-People's Republic of China official

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