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Acies International - You never felt safer
Acies International - You never felt safer
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Our international agency is your ideal partner when you are looking for a professional bodyguard to keep you safe and well-protected during your vacation or business trip to Saint-Tropez. This French city located in the French Riviera is loved for its beaches and the luxury lifestyle during holidays. A bodyguard keeps you, your loved ones and your personal belongings protected during your stay in Saint-Tropez. This allows you to live, work and enjoy your stay in the French Riviera without fears or limitations.

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A bodyguard creates a safe environment for you in Saint-Tropez

A professional bodyguard or a team of Close Protection-officers maintain a safe and risk-free environment during your time in Saint-Tropez. Our no-nonsense approach and professional demeanor is praised by international clients. We help you to keep a low profile if needed and work around the clock a guarantee the safety of yourself, your loved ones and your valuable assets. When you hire a bodyguard for private security at Acies International, you are ensured of absolute perfection and high-quality protection.

Enjoy your stay in the French Riviera

A bodyguard enables you to work and live freely during your stay in the French city of Saint-Tropez of anywhere else, for example in Spain. Feel free to inquire about our worldwide protection services, including bodyguards in Hong Kong. We are also at your service for perfect execution of highly-skilled protection during special projects. Find out more about our international agency by contacting us. Please send us your questions via or call +31 610 26 2319 for direct contact with our team.
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